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Updating old tile

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Does your cherub-pink 1950s bathtub give you nightmares? If your bathroom tub and tile are in sound condition but simply need an aesthetic makeover, you might be considering repainting or refinishing them yourself.

But make sure you know all your options before you pick up that spray gun.

Here is the official before picture, after a few hours of work.

The first step to painting a tub/shower is cleaning it.

There's a second online tutorial for this same product that I've read as well. And take LOTS of breaks while you're in the midst of the process.

You need to get out of the room from time to time and breathe some fresh air.

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And it costs far less than remodeling.” If your budget is small and you want to attempt the job yourself, it’s doable.We wanted to spruce this space up, but we did NOT have the 00-2000 budget to rip it out and start over. I originally read about the use of this product on the fantastic blog, Petite Modern Life.Karisa writes a full tutorial on using this product, so I would encourage you to read her post if you're interested in using this kit. The instructions on the packaging are also pretty helpful and clear. I would consider doing this on a Friday morning before you're headed out of town for a weekend…a weekend in spring when you can leave your windows open when you're gone. Do not pass GO before you get yourself a GOOD project respirator mask to use while tackling this project.If you know how to update old tile you can transform even a powder puff pink bathroom into a modern contemporary spa. A shower is sometimes the ONLY place we can get a few precious, solitary, quiet moments.It can be a short time of zen and relaxation at the beginning or end of the day. The shower and tub were absolutely functional, which is great. And similar to nude pantyhose, nude shower enclosures had their hey-day, but the 90's has come and gone, and this shower enclosure needed to go, too. It cost about to update our tile shower and tub, and took one weekend to complete.