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This week's question comes to us from William: William, you definitely aren't the only person having issues with keyboard shortcuts, particularly after updating to i OS 8.Whether they're just not syncing or you find them disappearing from a particular device altogether, here are some suggestions on how to get them back in working order again!-------------------- Quick access to basic system functions: -------------------- Looking for even more keyboard shortcuts?Find all of them here for Windows 7, 8.1 and the remainder of those for Windows 10.I can update the batch file to keep it in sync with my changes.This script searches the given folder (and sub-folders) for shortcuts that contains a particular string (i.e.So it will be recreated (by squirrel) and then immediately deleted by Atom if it was previously deleted.

If you are on i OS 8.1 or newer, you will We hope one of these suggestions gets your keyboard shortcuts working again William.

If you run in verbose mode, you will be prompted to say 'yes' for each shortcut you'd like to change.

After it has finished, it will present you with an HTM of the changes that were made.

I know you want to do "zero user interaction updates" and be all Squirrel-y etc.

but this is very annoying and pollutes my environment. Maybe it should replace an existing shortcut @jimgraham Thanks so much for raising this, apologies for the desktop shortcut annoyance. It checks if the desktop shortcut exists and deletes it after telling squirrel to update the start menu and desktop shortcuts.