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My sharepoint sites not updating

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Share Point by default runs "Profile Synchronization" (PROFSYNCH) job every 1 hour and "Quick Profile Synchronization" (SWEEPSYNCH) job every 1 minute which are responsible to sync'ing any changes from Profile Store to Share Point Sites.So, Share Point Admin verifies these jobs are in-tact and are running on schedule for the affected web application by going to Central Admin to make any direct changes / modifications to Share Point databases ( Here are the standard troubleshooting steps for the scenarios mentioned above, running all the below steps may / may not be required in every case, so you should identify the problem and apply corrective steps accordingly - : Setting ignoreisactive to '1' or 'True' will trigger all the Inactive users in the Content DB to get sync'd, which may be CPU intensive and cause a spike / transaction log growth on DB server, its important to revert it back once we are done The actual performance impact caused by 'ignoreisactive' is determined by ) as there is no way to remove a specific web application from this list.For example, Diane Prescott is Director of Online Ad Sales at Contoso.Since she is knowledgeable about advertising metrics, she has added the term metrics to the Ask Me About section of her profile.You can use your My Site to share information and connect with other people to build your professional network.This article describes some key features, and provides some steps to help you get started.If you click the user’s name you’ll see the additional properties, including an “Edit Item” option, however, the edit dialog is simply a read-only display of the username, helpful right?: So let’s first consider the scenario that my book addresses and assume that a user had had their name and/or email address changed.

To complicate matters there is no way to edit the information via the browser, thus the need for a Power Shell script.

Once the profile import is completed, your membership should be updated!

If you are not getting "Start Full Import" link, which simply means, your profile import is either in progress or Stuck!

So before I show the modified script it’s first important to understand the problem and why I needed to use a script and why what I had in the book is somewhat incomplete.

Whenever you grant a user rights to a Site Collection or when that user creates/updates/deletes any item within a Site Collection, an entry for the user will be added to a hidden user information list, if not already there.