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I started breakdancing in the early ’80s in high school, so I was buying records to dance to.

Saskatoon-born Kyle Riabko took up the central role of Melchior in 'Spring Awakening' on Broadway in May, 2008 And he's reprised his role on the Spring Awakening tour.

In another one-woman show coup - the indomitable Sarah Jones brings her cadre of characters to life in a creative, clever new show Sell/Buy/Date. Jones brings a wide variety of characters to the stage to tell the story in her unique and special way.

Telling the story of sex workers from a future point (2050-ish) in time reflecting on the past back to the "early days" of 2020 - her entertaining angle brings a fresh and clever perspective to an age old issue - we know it as prostitution. Jones' characters all have accents, mannerisms, and voices that she flawlessly and seamlessly blends in and out of as they are brought to the stage in her advanced computer program BERT. Lighting (Eric Southern) and sound (Bray Poor) are appropriately crisp and modern. Jones has a unique voice and that voice delivers a potent message via all her shows.

Amazing and deep beat that feels like an underground party in the club The World Is Yours - Nas A sick beat from a great song from a great rapper.

One of the most relaxed beats in hip hop Who is Nas?